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Sign Up Sheet-
Please print, fill out and drop in your first bag of cleaning.

Express Valet Dry Cleaning Service




Sign Up Information Sheet (Please Print Clearly)


First Name_________________________

Last Name_________________________

Home Address ______________________


City          _________________________

Zip Code  _________________________

Home Phone _______________________

(For our use only, in case we have a question about your cleaning)

*Place of Work _________________________

Work Phone__________________ Ext._____

Email     ______________________________


Please circle one


Credit Card-    Master Card    Visa    Discover  


Account Number________________________________

Expiration Date _________________________________

Billing Address For Card - Street Number_____________

                                        - Zip Code__________________


I authorize Express Valet Dry Cleaning Service to bill my credit/debit card for payment of dry cleaning and laundry services provided to me.


File Signature   __________________________________


Thank You!  Email Bill Hypes at- expressvalet1@aol.com


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